Emergency Action Plan

** EMT’s – Full Service with 5 EMT’s –  including ambulance onsite

Action Plan:

  1. The Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC) provided by the host for this event have jurisdiction in the State of North Carolina and overriding authority of any medical staff brought to this event by individual teams. The ATC’s will work with your medical staff, but our ATC’s have final say on any and all cases involving the athletes on the field.
  2. The Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC) on site will be responsible for treating minor injuries to players and will defer more serious care to EMT’s that are onsite.
  3. The ATCs provide on-field care until EMS personnel arrive.  An ATC will provide pertinent info (cause of injury, vital signs, treatment rendered, medical history) and assists with emergency care as needed.
  4. The ATC’s and Event Director advises the Coach of the player’s team to assign someone to accompany the athlete to the hospital as well as bring pertinent medical history of the player and their personal belongings, including medical insurance card and ID.
  5. The injured player’s club representative contacts parents/guardians/family as necessary.
  6. The Coach is to complete the appropriate injury report as required by the player’s school or organization.  If a player is diagnosed by a qualified healthcare professional that they sustained a concussion, the Event Director reminds the player’s coach of the USA Rugby Policy regarding Concussions which includes the 5 R’s shown below as well as compliance with the World Rugby Concussion Guidelines.

It is imperative that the athlete does not return to play until he or she is symptom-free and has been cleared for return to play by a qualified healthcare professional. It is strongly recommended that the player complete USA Rugby’s approved GRTP (Graduated Return to Play) procedure prior to return to full play and competition.

It is recommended that ALL rugby players, staff, parents, referees, volunteers, and even fans follow these five basic steps when dealing with suspected concussions:

  1. Recognize – Learn the signs and symptoms of a concussion so you understand when an athlete might have a suspected concussion.
  2. Remove – If an athlete has a concussion or even a suspected concussion he or she must be removed from play immediately.
  3. Refer – Once removed from play, the player should be referred immediately to a qualified healthcare professional who is trained in evaluating and treating concussions.
  4. Recover – Full recovery from the concussion is required before return to play is authorized. This includes being symptom-free. Rest and some specific treatment options are critical for the health of the injured participant.
  5. Return – In order for safe return to play in rugby, the athlete must be symptom-free and cleared in writing by a qualified healthcare professional who is trained in evaluating and treating concussions. USA Rugby strongly recommends that the athlete complete the GRTP (Graduated Return to Play) protocol.

Hospitals and Urgent Care Facilities:

  • Hospital  Name: Novant Health Matthews Medical Center

Phone: (704) 384-6500

Address: 1500 Matthews Township Pkwy, Matthews, NC 28105

Distance from SportsPlex:  Approximately 1.8 miles   

Hours: 24 hours

  • Urgent Care Name:  OrthoCarolina Orthopedic Urgent Care

Phone: (704) 323-3215

Address: 710 Park Center Dr, Matthews, NC 28105

Distance from SportsPlex: 1.7 Miles

Hours of Operation:  Friday – 5:30am – 9pm, Saturday – 10am – 2pm, Sunday – 10am – 2pm

  • Urgent Care Name: Carolinas HealthCare System Urgent Care-Matthews

Phone:  (704) 512-6850

Address: 332 N Trade St #1100, Matthews, NC 28105

Distance from SportsPlex:   Approx 1.5 miles

Hours of Operation: Daily from 8am – 8pm

  • Urgent Care Name: Novant Health Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine – Matthews

Phone:  (704) 384-8441

Address: 332 N Trade St #1100, Matthews, NC 28105

Distance from SportsPlex:   Approx 2.8 miles

Hours of Operation: Daily from 8am – 8pm

Lightning and/or Natural Disaster Procedures:  Event staff will monitor lightning via a standard meter.  If lightning or national weather service warnings are detected or reported within 6 miles of the SportsPlex, all activity on any field will be postponed for 30 minutes from the last reported strike or warning.   Spectators and players will be advised to take cover.  Fields will be cleared by use of the facility PA system, air horn, and facility staff if needed.