Field Maps & Tent Assignments

Team Tent Assignments

The attached maps show team tent assignment locations and also indicate:

  • Gallery sides of fields
  • Technical sides of fields
  • Restroom locations
  • Athletic Trainer and Referee main tents
  • Merchandise locations
  • Entrances

The tent assignment table to the right indicates TEAM tent areas – not for spectators. The following notes apply to Team areas.

  • The area is your team’s area for the entirety of the event.
  • Each tent slot can fit a 10 x 10 tent. Please, only use your team slot.
  • Every team has a tent spot this year.
  • Where possible, team slots are in the SportsPlex area your matches will be played.
  • You must provide your own tent.
  • We are NOT responsible for lost or stolen items from your team area – suggest having it staffed and removing valuables overnight.
  • None of these areas are for spectator use.

Tent Spot #AreaClub/Team
1BAYR Aliens (GA) HS Varsity Boys
2BCharlotte Tigers - A (NC) HS Varsity Boys
3BCharlotte Tigers - B (NC) HS Varsity Boys
4BCharlotte Tigress (NC) HS Girls
5BCape Fear - B (NC) HS Varsity Boys
6BCape Fear (NC) HS Varsity Boys
7BFour Points (TX) HS Varsity Boys
8BFour Points (TX) HS Girls
9BHudson (OH) HS Varsity Boys
11BMorris Lions (NJ) HS Varsity Boys
12BRaleigh Rattlesnakes (NC) HS Varsity Boys
13BRaleigh Cobras (NC) HS Girls
14BValkyries (GA) HS Girls
15BSparta Rockford (MI) HS Girls
16BRockford Rams (MI) HS Varsity Boys
17BSt. Edward - A (OH) HS Varsity Boys
18BSt. Edward - B (OH) HS Varsity Boys
19BSt. Joseph - A (OH) HS Girls
20BSt. Joseph - B (OH) HS Girls
21BWando Wahines (SC) HS Girls
22BSouthern Pines Harlequins (NC) HS Girls
23BRebels (GA) HS Girls
24BRoswell Rebels (GA) HS Varsity Boys
25BRichmond Strikers (VA) HS Varsity Boys
26BBadger Academy (WI) HS Girls
27BMoon Area (PA) HS Girls
28BMoon Area JV (PA) HS Girls
29BCharlotte Cardinals - Gold (NC) HS Varsity Boys
30BCharlotte Cardinals (NC) HS Girls
31BBeckham Bengals (SC) HS Varsity Boys
32BBeckham Bengals (SC) HS Girls
33BOceanside (SC) HS Varsity Boys
34BOceanside (SC) HS Girls
35BClayton (NC) HS Varsity Boys
36BClayton (NC) HS Girls
37BGreensboro Barbarians (NC) HS JV Boys
38BHighland Buzzards (OH) HS Girls
39BCharlotte Cardinals - Blue (NC) HS Varsity Boys
40BCharlotte Cardinals - Red (NC) HS Varsity Boys
41BHough Huskies (NC) HS Girls
42BBenedictine College Prep (VA) HS Varsity Boys
43BBrunswick Valkyries (OH) HS Girls
44BGreer 76ers (SC) HS Varsity Boys
45BNeuqua (IL) HS JV Boys
46BNeuqua Wildcats (IL) HS Varsity Boys
47AAspetuck (CT) 12U Co-ed
48AAYR Buckhead (GA) 12U Co-ed
49AAYR Inman Park (GA) 14U Boys
50AAYR Inman Park (GA) 12U Co-ed
51AAYR Red Top (GA) 14U Boys
52AAYR United (GA) 10U Co-ed
53ACharlotte Tigers (NC) 10U Co-ed
54ACharlotte Tigers (NC) 12U Co-ed
55ACharlotte Tigers (NC) 14U Boys
56AClayton (NC) 14U Boys
57AClayton (NC) 12U Co-ed
58AClayton - B (NC) 10U Co-ed
59AClayton - A (NC) 10U Co-ed
60AForsyth County Falcons (GA) 12U Co-ed
61AClover Blue Eagles (SC) 14U Boys
62AFour Points (TX) HS JV Boys
63AFour Points (TX) 14U Boys
64AFour Points (TX) 12U Co-ed
65ALake Wylie Warriors (SC) 14U Boys
66ALake Wylie Warriors (SC) 12U Co-ed
67ALake Wylie Warriors (SC) 10U Co-ed
68ARaleigh Rattlesnakes (NC) 14U Boys
69ARaleigh Rattlesnakes - Red (NC) 10U Co-ed
70ARaleigh Rattlesnakes - Red (NC) 12U Co-ed
71ARaleigh Rattlesnakes - Black (NC) 10U Co-ed
72ARaleigh Rattlesnakes - Black (NC) 12U Co-ed
73ASouthern Pines (NC) 12U Co-ed
74ASt. Edward (OH) HS JV Boys
75ARockford Rams (MI) HS JV Boys
76ARoswell (GA) 14U Boys
77ACardinals (NC) 10U Co-ed
78ACharlotte Cardinals (NC) 12U Co-ed
79ACharlotte Cardinals - A (NC) 14U Boys
80ACharlotte Cardinals - B (NC) 14U Boys
81ACharlotte Cardinals (NC) HS JV Boys