Team Tent Assignments

Tent assignments will be made the week leading up to Ruggerfest. Please come back to this page a day or two in advance of arriving in Charlotte.


The attached maps show team tent assignment locations and also indicate:

  • Gallery sides of fields
  • Technical sides of fields
  • Restroom locations
  • Athletic Trainer and Referee main tents
  • Entrances

The tent assignment table to the right indicates TEAM tent areas – not for spectators. The following notes apply to Team areas.

  • The area is your team’s area for the entirety of the event.
  • There are 36 slots in Area B and 34 slots in Area A – they are numbered 1-70 with paint on the ground.
  • Each tent slot can fit a 10 x 10 tent. Please, only use your team slot.
  • Some teams have more than one slot and/or slots in both area A and Area B – this is because some clubs are entering multiple sides and are playing in both areas.  
  • Where possible, team slots are in the SportsPlex area your matches will be played.
  • You must provide your own tent.
  • We are NOT responsible for lost or stolen items from your team area – suggest having it staffed and removing valuables overnight.
  • Areas marked “OPEN” on this list are first-come/ first-serve for TEAMS only – none of these areas are for spectator use.

Area A

Area B